The Clean List: Ingredients Used in Our Products

Ever wonder why we use the ingredients we do? Our products are non-toxic, safe, highly effective and harnesses the power of mother nature herself. Every ingredient we include in our line is thoughtfully and intuitively curated to yield the best results. 

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See some of our favorite clean ingredients below:

1. Almond Oil-- This oil is packed with Vitamin E which keeps your skin and cells happy. It protects your skin from UV radiation and free radicals. Almond Oil also contains Vitamin A which helps fight acne and clean out your pores. It keeps your skin smooth, soft and reduces fine lines. We have found that this oil is deeply moisturizing, but not too oily or thick. It gives you a dewy glow while enhancing your natural beauty.

2. Meadowfoam Flower-- Our secret weapon! This relatively unknown oil comes from a small flower that grows in the Pacific Northwest. This oil locks in moistures and allows the ingredients to penetrate deeply into your skin. One of its winning points is that it balances your complexion and soothes irritated or inflamed skin. Meadowfoam oil is so rich in antioxidants that it fights wrinkles, dryness and fine lines. We also find that it helps many people with eczema and rashes. It really is a jack of all trades! 

3. Lavender Essential Oil-- The first thing you notice about this oil is the smell. It soothing and relaxing to your senses, but it is also soothing and relaxing for your skin. It helps to moisturize, while using its antibacterial properties to kill bacteria and dirt in pores. Lavender oil also detoxes the skin, fights inflammation and wrinkles and helps to heal eczema.

4. Epsom Salt-- This truly does wonders for you body and muscles. It helps with inflammation, swelling and reducing pain. It contains large amounts of magnesium that benefits your heart health and nervous system. This salt also improves sleep and helps to relieve stress.